Hi, I’m Robin

i design user experiences

i wear a lot of hats

I design accessible user experiences for applications and websites in higher education. I’m an advocate for humans, inclusion, and compassionate design. I teach people about web standards, content strategy, user testing, and accessibility.

A11y Advocacy


Application Design

User Testing

Information Architecture

Website Design

Content Strategy

Sometimes I EVEN write About things

Hangry UX

One of the things we talk about in UX is the quintessential use case: a description of the ways in which a user interacts with a system or product. Spoiler alert: there is always more than one use case, because there's always more than one way to interact with a...

A year and change.

I am a very tired girl. It's been 15 months since I was moved into IT Communications, and I've spent those months largely running at full throttle to stay ahead of Indiana Jones' boulder, so to speak. I've (unintentionally) learned so much in such a short period of...


(Yes, there's definitely a problem with the pacing of my posts. I'm afraid we'll both have to get over it. Moving on.)   At the end of September 2020, Penn State IT unveiled a major realignment, letting 31 people go, eliminating some groups while recombining...

Make your users a Priority.

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