Project Type

application design, OER, proof of concept


user interviews, user journeys, interface design, wireframing, user testing/feedback

Project Team

project manager, UX designer, web developer


The Unizin consortium, in collaboration with Ohio State University, hosted various events where faculty collaborated to develop and grow the adoption of open educational resources. Thanks to the collaboration of faculty from more than 30 institutions, including Penn State, these gatherings helped to produce rigorous exam questions for use in high-enrollment, entry-level courses. The TLT Studio was tasked with developing a web application that could leverage these efforts into the creation of an open educational resource (OER) test bank of assessment questions for instructors to use in their courses.

quizium basic user flow


A scaffolding was created to allow questions to be created by authors, categorized, verified by a subject matter expert reviewer from one of three participating universities, and then incorporated into a test bank of questions. Instructors could then peruse the appropriate bank of questions, select the ones they wanted, and then download the questions in a ready-to-import format that could be uploaded into Canvas courses.

The resulting web application allows approved faculty contributors from participating institutions to collaborate on the authoring, reviewing, and distributing of assessment questions to support the adoption of OER resources that may include assessment questions for 10 introduction courses. The application is built on a Ruby-on-Rails framework to application business logic, including creating, updating, and authoring workflows. Vue, a javascript front-end framework, is utilized to provide an easy-to-use, interactive interface.


  • Enabled 107 faculty from 33 different institutions to collaborate on the development of 11,792 OER questions for 10 introduction courses.

  • The Quizium app provides a foundation going forward to explore innovative approaches to creating even more OER questions in additional areas of study.

Question detail mockup